Reggae Festivals: November 2018

Okay, November is here and we need to know about November reggae festivals  that we can enjoy. Here is a list of reggae festivals across the world that you can go to in November 2018.

Black Scorpio 50th Anniversary
Place: Kingston, Jamaica
Date: 03 Nov 2018

Jamaica Ladies Festival 2018
Date: 03 Nov 2018
Place: Rodrigues, Mauritius

Reggae For A Cause 2018
Date: 17 Nov 2018
Place: Essen, Germany

Rebel Escape 2018
Place: Tournefeuille, France
Date: 24 Nov 2018

Colima Reggae Fest 2018
Date: 24 Nov 2018
Place: Tecoman, Mexico

Closer To The Sun 2018
Date: 30 Nov - 4 Dece 2018
Place: Puerto Aventuras, Mexico

Reggae Festivals in October 2018

It's October 2018 & you need some reggae in your veins. Here are the reggae festivals scheduled for October 2018. Go, enjoy these festivals and pour some music in your ears.

Autumn Reggae Wine Festival 
Date: Oct 06-2018 - Oct 07-2018
Venue: Mt. Airy, Maryland, USA

LA Reggae Vegan Fest 
Date: Oct 07-2018
Venue: Los Angeles, California, USA

Vernier Sur Rock 
Date: Oct 11-2018 - Oct 13-2018
Venue: Vernier (ge), Switzerland

Reggae Wellness
Date: Oct 27-2018 - Oct 28-2018
Venue: Port Antonio, Jamaica

Henry Turner Jr. Day Music Festival
Date: Oct-27-2018
Venue: Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Amsterdam Soundclash 2018 
Place: Amsterdam, Netherland
Date: 2 October 2018

Springfield Reggae Fest 2018
Place: Springfield, MO, United States
Date: 06 October 2018

One Live Muzik Festival 2018
Place: Mapou, Mauritius
Date: 06 October 2018

LA Reggae Vegan Fest 2018
Place: Van Nuys, CA, United States
Date: 07 Oct 2018

Peter Tosh Birthday Bash 2018
Place: Regensburg, Germany
Date: 13 Oct 2018

Stars R Us Kingston
Place: Jamaica
Date: 13 Oct 2018

Jamming Summer Fest 2018
Place: Girardot, Colombia
Date: 14 Oct 2018

Some more reggae festivals in October 2018
10/18 - 10/21 2018 -- Peter Tosh Music Festival 2018 Kingston, Jamaica
10/25 -10/28 2018  -- Island Vibe Festival 2018 North Stradbroke Island, Australia
10/26 - 10/27 2018 -- Roots'Ergue Festival 2018 Sauveterre De Rouergue, France
10/27/2018 -- Baco Reggae Festival 2018 Paris, France
10/31/2018 Mattia's Birthday Clash Wuppertal, Germany

Upcoming Reggae Festivals - September 2018

Want to join some reggae fun in September 2018. Here are some of the reggae festivals that you can enjoy in September 2018.

Caribbean Nights Series 
September 20 2018 - December 20-2018
Venue: NYC, New York, USA

Caribbean Nights Series Presents A Vincy Showcase 
September 20 2018
Venue: NY, New York, USA

Green Woods Roots & Culture Revival 
September 28 2018 - September 30 2018
Venue: Brunswick, Maine, USA

Caribbean Jerk and Cultural Festival 
September 29 2018
Venue: Punta Gorda, Florida, USA

SLACKtober Fest 
September 30 2018
Venue: Austin, Texas, USA

Upcoming Reggae Festival in April 2017

AbiReggae Festival 
Apr-06-2017 - Apr-09-2017, Shashemene, Ethiopia

So far, we have information about just one reggae festival to be organized in April 2017. Got some info? Feel free to share it with us for the common good.

Upcoming Reggae Festival in February 2017

Bocas Music Fest 2017Feb-25-2017 - Feb-26-2017, Bocas Town, Panama

So, far only one reggae festival is scheduled for "Upcoming Reggae Festival in February 2017". Do let us know if we missed something :)

Upcoming Reggae Festivals in January 2017

No data so far! Stay tuned for details of reggae festivals. :)

Upcoming Reggae Festival in December 2016

Rastafari Rootzfest

Dec-09-2016 - Dec-11-2016, Negril, Jamaica

Closer to the Sun - SOLD OUT

Dec-14-2016 - Dec-18-2016, Puerto Morelos, Mexico

Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Fest, 3rd Annual

Dec-31-2016, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA

Bob Marley Birthday Celebration, 29th Annual

Dec-31-2016, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada